Sword Ferns (Polystichum munitum)

The sword ferns are in their prime right now and look magnificent. Their fronds are close to four feet long and stand tall and fresh looking.  There are areas in our forest where we can look 500 feet in all directions and it is a sea of ferns.  As the season progresses they will start to droop and become more of a ground cover.

Paw Paw Tree (Asimina triloba)

A new addition to our garden. I believe Paw Paw are native to the U.S. east coast so it will be interesting how it fairs on the south coast of British Columbia. We have both a male and female shrub that survived a fairly cold Winter so here’s hoping.

Fawn Time

We have a doe bringing around her twins almost daily now. The fawns will sleep in the ferns or on our lawn for a hour or two while their mother browses through our garden. At times she seems to either forget or lose them but they always manage to find each other.