With the Coming of Summer, Thoughts of Winter

Yesterday I got a belated start on my woodpile that I will use for heating the house this Winter. Usually I use windfalls, tree that fall during storms, but we didn’t have many this Winter.


Fortunately, or unfortunately – depending upon how you look at it, we had quite a few alders die due to heat and lack of rain last Summer. Alder is quite a nice wood to burn when it is dried properly – clean, easy to split and giving off a good heat.  A green alder has about 30% water content. My wood will have to dry over the Summer and will get to about 11% which is good for burning cleanly.

I have cut four trees now, this photo is just one tree split up. It should last almost two months. I need two more stacks about the same size to get me through the year and I’m hoping the trees I have down will almost do it.  I still have two months worth of firewood left over from last Winter so we should be in good shape.



A couple of posts back I posted a photo of a hemlock that had fallen in a storm. I have it all milled up and stacked now and I came out with a great pile of lumber. A variety eight foot boards ranging from 1×1’s right up to 2×10’s. The wood will stay under this shelter and air dry. The general rule is one year for every inch of thickness. This lumber will be used to build an unheated shed so it isn’t as important to be dried completely.


Walking to Town (3 photos)

The road in front of our house was originally an old logging road. If we turn right at our driveway and drive into town it is about 3 miles (4.8 k). If we turn left and walk we can use the old logging road that is more like a trail nowadays. The first 2500 feet (762 m) is through beautiful coniferous and deciduous forest. At the end of the road/trail we hit pavement and another 2500 feet (762 m) takes us into the center of town.