Firewood 2022

I spent the last couple of weeks getting next Winter’s firewood sorted. I found five trees, four alders and a dogwood that were standing but dead so I felled them. I also had some wild cherry and hemlock rounds that I bucked last Fall under a tarp in the woods. After splitting and stacking them I ended up with 2 cords of wood – a pile 8 feet x 8 feet x 4 feet. We heat our house with a wood stove and if our Winter is relatively normal that should get us comfortably through the cold.

Finished Chairs

I finished the chairs today and they have joined the table. A fun and interesting project but that may be it for chairs for a while (though I did just find another interesting design that might become a Fall project). Next on the list – fruit tree pruning and then next year’s firewood.

Firewood Bonus

Well, the firewood is all stacked and my final tally was 2.55 cords. That is a stack that measures 8.5 feet wide x 7 feet high x 5.5 feet deep. Since we made two stacks this size it is an impressive collection of wood.  Some of the alder is damp and oyster mushrooms are popping out daily – very good eating!

Firewood Finale

We split the last of our next winter’s firewood today! Here I am surveying one of the piles. Our middle daughter and husband are living on our property and also heat with wood so there is another pile the same size at their house. I haven’t figured out how many cords yet – I’ll know after it is stacked but it looks like a lot of wood. I cut down nine dead or dying trees – alder, dogwood, hemlock, fir, maple and alder so a good variety. Now we can look forward to a cold, snowy winter.

New Door

For years now I had planned to repair the door to my workshop but I came to realize that the poor old door was too far gone to save. It had fallen victim to a momma bear that was very intent on getting into the workshop and the freezer we used to keep there. In the process she destroyed the octagonal window and removed the bottom panel of the door. Just before Christmas I built the new door and restored the old hardware.

Pieces of the new door with the old door in the background


The new door

The restored door knob