New Year, New Hope

When I started my photography journey many, many years ago my hero was W. Eugene Smith, a brilliant documentary photographer who photographed entirely in black and white. Smith was on assignment overseas for Life magazine during World War II and he was brutally frank in what he photographed. His war photography had a deep effect on him and his career almost came to an end when he was wounded by shell fragments. It took him two years to recover both physically and mentally – very dark times. In 1946 he picked up his camera and one of his first photographs was of his two young children walking towards the light through a dark tunnel of trees. He called it “The Walk to Paradise Garden”. The result was enough to rekindle his photographic career.

I think for a lot of us these past two years have been a dark time but I also think there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I wish all my followers a Safe, Hopeful and Healthy 2022.

Homage to W. Eugene Smith – 1970

Forty-four Years!

Hernibs and I at the threshold of our journey. Forty-four years of marriage. It is amazing
to have so much time go by and to think back to the adventures and
mis-adventures we have gone through to get this far.
Now we have the excitement of what lies ahead!

Time Travel


Forty-three years ago our very diverse worlds started to orbit close to one another

Forty-one years ago they collided and melded slowly together

(much to the dismay of some – even to us at times)

Smooth sailing most of the time but also with a little turbulence

To end up gliding gently into the future –

Watching together to see how our world unfolds.

Happy Anniversary my Love!




Electrified Grandkids

Today I thought I would show the grandkids how the electric fence around the chicken coop worked. They would only accept the challenge if I was the one to touch the wire. It worked! Photos courtesy of my wife Sharron.

Electric 1_watermarked

Electric 2_watermarked

Electric 3_watermarked

Electric 4_watermarked

Extreme Croquet

When the grandkids and parents arrive for the Summer we don’t just play croquet, we play extreme croquet. Wickets are placed along forest paths and a combination game of croquet/golf is played. Not for the croquet purest. Here congestion has built up around a particularly difficult wicket.