Time Travel


Forty-three years ago our very diverse worlds started to orbit close to one another

Forty-one years ago they collided and melded slowly together

(much to the dismay of some – even to us at times)

Smooth sailing most of the time but also with a little turbulence

To end up gliding gently into the future –

Watching together to see how our world unfolds.

Happy Anniversary my Love!




Electrified Grandkids

Today I thought I would show the grandkids how the electric fence around the chicken coop worked. They would only accept the challenge if I was the one to touch the wire. It worked! Photos courtesy of my wife Sharron.

Electric 1_watermarked

Electric 2_watermarked

Electric 3_watermarked

Electric 4_watermarked

Extreme Croquet

When the grandkids and parents arrive for the Summer we don’t just play croquet, we play extreme croquet. Wickets are placed along forest paths and a combination game of croquet/golf is played. Not for the croquet purest. Here congestion has built up around a particularly difficult wicket.