Bench Project (4 photos)

The other day I was clearing a small plot of land for the new goat yard. While digging I came across an old slab of cedar that must have been half buried for years. I hooked it up to the tractor and took it back to my shop.

While there was some rot and insect damage, with a bit of scraping I could see that there was perhaps enough good wood for a bench.

After a few days of scraping and sanding the wood was suitable for an outdoor bench. I once more hooked it up to the tractor and took to a favourite forest spot under a massive maple tree.

Finished Chairs

I finished the chairs today and they have joined the table. A fun and interesting project but that may be it for chairs for a while (though I did just find another interesting design that might become a Fall project). Next on the list – fruit tree pruning and then next year’s firewood.

Some Assembly Required

All the parts for three chairs are sanded and ready for assembly. I have been busy getting one chair put together so have been doing some quick posts on my other blog site for now (“Visual Montage” on the menu bar above).

Chickens and Chairs

I was working on the chairs today and while cutting out parts our chicken was behind the drill press singing songs of encouragement. When she departed she left me an egg for tomorrows breakfast.

And speaking of chairs, I finished cutting all the pieces today for all three chairs. Now just a bit of initial sanding, cutting a million mortises (slots that the tenons go in) and then assembly.

More Milling, More Treasures

This is a short length of cedar, part of a deadfall tree that had fallen in the woods many years ago. I have had my eye on it and recently made a short road to it and was able to drag this piece up to my mill. It is 4.5 feet long and about 30 inches in diameter. The center had rotted but the rest of the wood was good. This is the ideal situation when looking for cedar to make cedar shakes but because this piece of wood wasn’t clear of knots it was better suited for lumber. This was my ‘test’ piece to see how the lumber would turn out. Three of the pieces came out 1½” thick x 23″ wide x 52″ long – all of them live edge so it will make beautiful tables or benches.

The remainder of the 14 pieces ranged from 4″ to 13″ wide- all good material.

Chair Project – (7 photos)

I have wanted to build a chair for quite a while now as it would be a new challenge for me. Last week I got busy on it. To make it more interesting all the measurements were in metric, something I don’t use in woodworking. Metric turned out to be okay and I can see using it more in the future as it is certainly easier than dealing with fractions. The wood came from my mill – an old dead fall cedar to match the table I made a couple of years ago. I’ll put the chair through a test run and if it holds up I’ll make another three which should be easier now that I know what I’m doing.

Table Project

I thought I would practice my mortise and tenon skills by building a small cedar table. I milled the wood from our property and it is a pleasure to see it go from a storm damaged tree to a quite nice piece of furniture. Mortise, tenons and pegs hold it together. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it when I finished but it became our kitchen table. Mocha the cat is indifferent.

Table Project

I thought I’d try my hand at making a small table this past week. I used red cedar that I had milled two years ago, joining two 1″ x 13″ x 40″ to make a 26″ wide table top. The legs and rails were mortised and tenoned and then pegged. I’m quite pleased with the results – Mocha seems indifferent.