Barred Owl Visit

We have had a pair of Barred owls hanging around the past few weeks. They (and their relatives) have nested near our house every year for nearly 15 years and are a real treat to watch and hear. Today I put a wireless speaker out in the yard and played owl calls through it. Almost immediately this owl showed up and was very curious and ended up having a duet with the recorded call.

Garden Lounger (multiple photos)

A new project just completed. This one was quite interesting as I only had a YouTube video to go by with no plans or dimensions. This design is from Mr. Truong of Vietnam.

Starting from cedar boards milled on the property

Some of the pieces cut to the rough dimensions

All the pieces put together with mortise and tenons

Dry fitting the rough pieces together to see if I guessed right with the dimensions

Making the slats for the seating