Bear Time – Part 2

Well, the bears returned again tonight and the cubs were very determined to get at the nuts. We had two of them up one hazelnut tree and all my shouting and noise making didn’t scare them off. The mother was huffing and snorting on the other side of the garden but wouldn’t come near. I finally had to pull out the garden hose and spray the cubs which eventually did the trick and they ran off full of nuts but a little damp. Not boding well for the nut crop!

Bear Time 07_watermarked

Bear Time

We always know when our nuts are getting ready – when the bears appear. We had a mother bear and two cubs this morning checking out the hazelnut and walnut trees

The mother bear looking for walnuts

The mother bear looking for walnuts

Bear Time 02_watermarked

Bear Time 03_watermarked

Meanwhile, one of the cubs enjoying the hazelnuts

Bear Time 04_watermarked

It’s sibling was up in the tree having a great time

Bear Time 05_watermarked

Bear Time 06_watermarked

As the nuts aren’t ripe yet I had to ask them to leave. We try to pick our produce as it ripens to discourage the bears so it is a bit disheartening when they show up before the nuts are ready. Fortunately there are lots of berries right now and theses guys are looking very healthy. They show up about once a week to see how things are progressing so hopefully they won’t be back for a while. Always wonderful to see though.


Completed Shed

Well, the storage shed is finished. It was an interesting first project using my own milled lumber – a bit of a learning process I must say. Like any homemade project it is hard to put a price on it. The money I put out for the plywood roof and floor along with the metal roofing came to about $500. A pretty good price for an 8′ x 12′ building. Adding the time factor of milling the lumber adds to the equation and if a dollar value is put on my time then perhaps not quite the bargain. However, time is what I have and it was extremely satisfying using our own windfall trees (brought down in windstorms) and turning out a pretty fine looking building.