Bear Hiding in the Daisies

This black bear came wandering into the garden this morning and slowly headed over to the magnificent sword fern behind him

He started digging at the base of the fern and I thought he might be hunting for mice or moles. Every so often he’d stand up and look around

He soon lumbered off and I went out to scare him away (don’t like him to feel welcome around here). Going past the fern I noticed some very agitated wasps where the bear had been digging. Realizing there wasn’t going to be a honey haul he headed back into the forest.

Swainson’s Thrush (Catharus ustulatus)- 2 photos

I starting gathering next Winter’s firewood yesterday. Fortunately I have quite a few dead standing trees so I won’t have to cut any live trees (and rarely do). While bucking up one tree this thrush was very interested. At first I was worried that I had disturbed it’s nest but then I saw that it was picking through the moss and sawdust looking for food. It stayed all day and wasn’t disturbed by me or the chainsaw.

Snow Deer

These two young deer came by today to check out the birdseed. They are looking very healthy in their Winter fur. Despite the cold they must appreciate the reprieve from the deer fly that torment them leaving them looking ragged and unhealthy.

A Soar of Eagles

I’ve always known a group of eagles to be called a convocation but apparently, and almost more appropriately, they are also known as a soar of eagles. These are eight of twelve bald eagles cruising above our house today, much to the consternation of the local ravens. At this time of year the eagles are feeling less territorial so large ‘soars’ are a common sight.

Drying Out

In the past couple of days we have had close to 8 inches of rain. Very uncomfortable for deer and people!
Fortunately the sun came out today and this young doe took some time out to dry out.