Bird Bath (2 photos)

I thought I would try doing some photos using a long USB cable from my camera to my laptop. I had limited success. I think the USB is too long and transferring data from the camera to the laptop would sometimes crash the program. However I did manage to get some shy birds bathing and I can see the potential shooting remotely if I can work out the bugs.

Swainson's Thrush

Well camouflaged Swainson’s Thrush



Bears & Honey (2 photos)

We have four bears, three adults and a cub, frequenting our acreage this year and on my walk through the woods today I found five different spots just off the trail where bears have been digging up bee/wasp nests. As the salmon berries wane and the blackberries just start to form, the bears turn to insects and honey to augment their diet. It must be quite uncomfortable digging up wasp nest but I guess the sweet honey is hard to resist.



Good Looking Couple

We went for a walk in the woods today and disturbed these two who were spending time together. By the time we got home the buck was sleeping under our hazelnut tree and the doe was walking around the outside of our fenced vegetable garden scoping out the new greens.  I’m not sure if they really are a couple as she looks pretty small. She is showing great interest in the buck though while he seems rather indifferent.