Christmas Lights

After forty years of living here we have seen such a dramatic increase in traffic passing our house, sometimes up to three cars a day, that I finally decided to put up some Christmas lights. I hope the deer approve.

IMG_0002 copy_watermarked

Termite Art

Just the usual week, crawling under the house with a 1000 spiders doing some repair work. To help keep my mind off the spiders I found pieces of this termite chewed old stump. After a bit of cleanup and some simple lighting they turned out to be interesting pieces of art.

Termite Art 01_watermarked

Termite Art 03_watermarked

Termite Art 07_watermarked

Termite Art 14_watermarked

Termite Art 15_watermarked

Termite Art 16_watermarked

Termite Art 17_watermarked

Termite Art 20_watermarked

Looking for Handouts

One of four Steller’s Jays taking advantage of our bird feeder. It is a bit surprising they are still around this late in the season but the weather has been milder than usual. We also have a hummingbird coming regularly to it’s feeder which is very unusual for us.