Catio (Cat Patio) – the Start

Mocha the cat’s catio is now under way.


This is the first time I have had an indoor cat. With eleven acres of forest it seems a shame to keep a cat indoors but it has now become a necessity with the increase of predators. The birds and squirrels will be pleased with the arrangement though! Mocha doesn’t show a tremendous interest in going outside but I think a bit of fresh air and grass between her toes will do her good.

The ‘room’ will be covered with wire mesh and have elevated cat walks, a tree trunk, platforms and a sleeping box if she is feeling adventuresome. Access will be through the living room window.

More later.


New Family Addition

After being cat-less for a year, one of our grandsons thought we should have a new cat. He found this one that had been abandoned in a housing complex by it’s former owners when they moved. The neighbours were feeding it but it was wearing out it’s welcome. So far an unnamed girl cat still adjusting to her new home.