Salvaging a Photo Op

A couple of posts ago I published  “A Walk in the Fall.”  It was an unusual photo in that I usually try not to do much photo manipulation with my work other than what I would normally do in a darkroom. A bit of cropping, exposure corrections, colour balance, etc. With the “Walk in the Fall” photo I couldn’t resist the opportunity to capture the the beautiful mist and sky even though I knew I had to remove a fairly major power line (shown in today’s photo).  Twenty minutes work with ON1 Photo Raw 2018 (I no longer use Photoshop) and I managed to get a pleasing result. Sometimes it pays not to put unnecessary restrictions on oneself.

The Neighbourhood

This is an older photo showing the area where I live. This is looking south and on the horizon is Vancouver Island, the smoke is a pulp mill near Nanaimo.  The body of water is the Strait of Georgia also known now as the Salish Sea. The narrowest strip of land is a mile wide isthmus where the town of Sechelt is located. On the left is mainland and on the right is the 22 mile (35 km) long Sechelt Peninsula All the water on this side of the isthmus is Sechelt Inlet which is 18 miles (30 km) long from the town of Sechelt to it’s mouth, the Skookumchuck Rapids.

Our house is in 120 acres of forest between the ocean and and the long white strip on the upper right of the photo. When this photo was taken the white strip was the local golf course under construction.

One final point of interest is the brown patch with log booms in front in the lower right of the photo. That land was sold and reclaimed by Target Marine who have developed a land based sturgeon farm for the production of caviar.

The photo was taken from 3215 foot (980 meter) Mount Richardson.