Woodwork (5 photos)

Well, I finished building my sawhorses and I am quite pleased. I learned a lot from the exercise – I think more about what not to do next time rather than what to do. The sawhorses are held together with tapered mortises, tenons and wedges – no glue, nails or screws. Very strong.

There is method in my madness – the horses are so big I may have to expand my workshop just to store them!


The darker wood is red cedar, the lighter spruce


Mortise and Tenon


Teak wedges expand the tenon inside the tapered mortise to hold everything tight


Exposed Tenon





With our cold, and rainy weather right now the workshop is the perfect place to be. The work in progress are a pair of sawhorses constructed with joinery – mortised, tenoned and wedged with no glue, nails or screws. I have spent my life telling myself I didn’t have the precision to do such work but when I recently reached the ripe age of 65 I figured what the heck. Lo and behold they are turning out okay. Just goes to show we are usually our own worst enemies.