White Fungus Follow-up

I have been asked if yesterday’s white fungus had gills so I took a shot of the underside. No gills but tiny protrusions that look very much like the underside of a starfish.

It has a variety of names: Toothed Jelly Fungus, False Hedgehog Mushroom or White Jelly Mushroom (Tremellodon gelatinosus or Pseudohydnum gelatinosum).


Zen Driveway

A slow day at the old homestead today so I took a chance and raked our driveway after many days of windstorms. Branches and debris everywhere. It looked so orderly and peaceful I took a few photos to remember it by before the next storm.

IMG_0001 copy_watermarked

IMG_0002 copy_watermarked

IMG_0004 copy_watermarked IMG_0005 copy_watermarked