Fawn Time

We have a doe bringing around her twins almost daily now. The fawns will sleep in the ferns or on our lawn for a hour or two while their mother browses through our garden. At times she seems to either forget or lose them but they always manage to find each other.


  1. They are simply overflowing with sweetness! Great close up shots. It almost makes me forget what a nuisance they can be as adults. 😉

  2. Beautiful! We have a couple of new fawns too, but their mom isn’t bringing them by very often yet. She comes daily (several times) and is very relaxed around our place, but they aren’t usually with her yet. We catch fleeting glimpses of them for now, and look forward to seeing them daily in the near future, when they join her on these visits.

    • Thanks Laurie! These twins could barely walk the first day so they were very new. By the next day their legs were straighter and they were running circles around their mom. One ran right up an sniffed us – good times.

    • I came around a corner to find the mother and doe standing near my workshop. The doe and one fawn moved off but this one just lay down and went into ‘hiding’ mode. I did some quick photos and gave it some space. It stayed about an hour then momma came and led it away.

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