Look Who Just Woke Up (2 photos)

This bear came wandering through the yard this morning, nose in the air, checking out the nut trees for any missed snacks. It almost made it to the house when I stepped on a noisy floorboard and it took off in a flash. It’s great to have the bears back!



Shave Horse Tools

Over the years we have gone through a lot of garden tools. Often handles broke, to be replaced ‘sometime’. This past week I made a Shave Horse – a project I have wanted to do for years but never got around to. The actual construction turned out to be fairly simple and it is a wonderful old-time tool, allowing wood to be shaped using two hands by clamping the wood with a foot peddle and using a draw knife.  So now my old garden tools are getting new, and admittedly, somewhat crude maple handles. A satisfying 40 minute project.