• Well, it was beautiful Saturday, pretty nice Sunday but today it’s starting to wear a little thin. Every three of four years we’ll get a dump like this. This snow is very spotty as we are hovering right about the freezing mark. Some people a little lower than us just have just a skiff of snow. Our trees are loaded today and I have heard several falling in the woods. I used my tractor to shake some trees leaning toward the power lines this morning as it is supposed to turn to rain which will make it all the heavier. The chickens have been sitting in their coop that past two days swearing at the snow.

      • Be glad you are hovering around freezing. When I went on a Kindergarten field trip this morning it was -35C with wind (only -30C without LOL!).

  1. We are not too smug, here in the Healing Garden. If a butterfly bats its wings in South America, it will snow here, instead of in your garden. Wishing you all the white joy of the season. — THGg

    • Thanks very much. It finally stopped snowing today and the temperature is just above freezing. The garden is very beautiful in a white, pristine sort of way. The peonies and other budding plants are now buried in snow which will insulate them from our freezing nights.

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