Garden Gate Hinge

This hinge was on an old home-made screen door. The door belonged to an elderly widowed gardening client of mine and was made by her Swedish husband. It has been hanging on our garden fence for probably more than 15 years now.


Garden Project

After 35 years of gardening the vegetable garden was feeling a little tired. Our middle daughter Maria thought it would be a great idea to make rock bordered raised beds so this past week she helped us redo the garden. I gathered rocks from my forest path building with the tractor while my wife and daughter worked on the beds. We dug out some of the old soil and replenished it with compost/manure garden soil. We finished most of the planting yesterday and are now waiting to see what comes of it all.

A 'before' picture of the garden

A ‘before’ picture of the garden


Maria starting her stonework

Maria starting her stonework

Garden Project 6_watermarked

Garden Project 10_watermarked

The finished garden

The finished garden




This window box had become the perfect deer salad bar.  Just the right height for a deer to pick and choose it’s favourite colour. After many years we have learned that we can fight nature or else find a way to learn to get along with it. This means our yard has a bit of a prison yard motif with wire fences and protection over anything we really cherish. 



Snow – 2013

I realize most of North America has had snow for some time but this is our first for the year so we’re right on time for the first day of Winter.  We amassed about 4 inches (10 cm) so schools were closed and there was traffic mayhem. 

2013 Winter Snow 04_watermarked

The Front Yard

2013 Winter Snow 06_watermarked

The Witch Hazel is just starting to bloom and will do so until nearly the end of February,
filling the Winter air with the beautiful scent of it’s flowers.

2013 Winter Snow 07_watermarked

Waiting for Spring

2013 Winter Snow 021_watermarked

The Forest Pond

2013 Winter Snow 022_watermarked

2013 Winter Snow 023_watermarked

2013 Winter Snow 024_watermarked

2013 Winter Snow 026_watermarked