Firewood 2022

I spent the last couple of weeks getting next Winter’s firewood sorted. I found five trees, four alders and a dogwood that were standing but dead so I felled them. I also had some wild cherry and hemlock rounds that I bucked last Fall under a tarp in the woods. After splitting and stacking them I ended up with 2 cords of wood – a pile 8 feet x 8 feet x 4 feet. We heat our house with a wood stove and if our Winter is relatively normal that should get us comfortably through the cold.


I just spent the last three days pruning our fruit and nut trees. As it is every year, the worst of these is the walnut tree. Each year the tree sends up eight feet of new growth that needs to be lopped off.

Every Spring I give it a “haircut” to try to keep it under control.

Fortunately the tree is my favourite to climb and I get wonderful views of the yard at the fifteen foot top. A friend gave us this tree many years ago when it was only a foot tall. It likes the yard and the bears and squirrels like it as it satisfies their Fall diet.

Finished Chairs

I finished the chairs today and they have joined the table. A fun and interesting project but that may be it for chairs for a while (though I did just find another interesting design that might become a Fall project). Next on the list – fruit tree pruning and then next year’s firewood.

Some Assembly Required

All the parts for three chairs are sanded and ready for assembly. I have been busy getting one chair put together so have been doing some quick posts on my other blog site for now (“Visual Montage” on the menu bar above).

More Milling, More Treasures

This is a short length of cedar, part of a deadfall tree that had fallen in the woods many years ago. I have had my eye on it and recently made a short road to it and was able to drag this piece up to my mill. It is 4.5 feet long and about 30 inches in diameter. The center had rotted but the rest of the wood was good. This is the ideal situation when looking for cedar to make cedar shakes but because this piece of wood wasn’t clear of knots it was better suited for lumber. This was my ‘test’ piece to see how the lumber would turn out. Three of the pieces came out 1┬Ż” thick x 23″ wide x 52″ long – all of them live edge so it will make beautiful tables or benches.

The remainder of the 14 pieces ranged from 4″ to 13″ wide- all good material.