Snow – 2013

I realize most of North America has had snow for some time but this is our first for the year so we’re right on time for the first day of Winter.  We amassed about 4 inches (10 cm) so schools were closed and there was traffic mayhem. 

2013 Winter Snow 04_watermarked

The Front Yard

2013 Winter Snow 06_watermarked

The Witch Hazel is just starting to bloom and will do so until nearly the end of February,
filling the Winter air with the beautiful scent of it’s flowers.

2013 Winter Snow 07_watermarked

Waiting for Spring

2013 Winter Snow 021_watermarked

The Forest Pond

2013 Winter Snow 022_watermarked

2013 Winter Snow 023_watermarked

2013 Winter Snow 024_watermarked

2013 Winter Snow 026_watermarked


  1. I was hoping you would post some pictures. Great to see, it looks like very sticky snow. I really like the shot with the winding open creek. Is the snow still lying today?

    • Thanks Deb. It was a very sticky, wet snow. It started to melt last night and we had snow ‘bombs’ dropping from the trees, hitting the house all night. We still have about 3 inches in the front yard but rain and milder weather in the forecast. I was very pleased with the pond photos, almost black and white with some faint hints of colour.

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