Catio (Cat Patio) – the Start

Mocha the cat’s catio is now under way.


This is the first time I have had an indoor cat. With eleven acres of forest it seems a shame to keep a cat indoors but it has now become a necessity with the increase of predators. The birds and squirrels will be pleased with the arrangement though! Mocha doesn’t show a tremendous interest in going outside but I think a bit of fresh air and grass between her toes will do her good.

The ‘room’ will be covered with wire mesh and have elevated cat walks, a tree trunk, platforms and a sleeping box if she is feeling adventuresome. Access will be through the living room window.

More later.



  1. Love it!! I really want a catio, too..! My cats spend most of their time outside and it’s impossible to keep them in now. But there are cat-hunting dogs around and the cats catch their share of birds and lizards…

  2. What a lucky little feline! I’m a little uneasy about moving our miniature poodle to the edge of the wild, having already spotted a bobcat and heard tell of a bear hanging out not far from us.

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