1. I’m thinking I need new glasses. Or is it that I’m still in hibernating mode?
    In case I don’t get back to blogging this next week, I’d like to wish you and your friends and family a very warm, safe, happy and healthy holiday!!! 🎄🙏

    • The three cats are subtle – a bit of work to see them or perhaps you needed to be there 😺 Here’s returning your holiday greetings. Looks like a chance for a rare white Christmas here but the weather pattern is very confused right now so we’ll see.

  2. Oddly enough we seem to be having fairly typical winter weather down here. We’re hoping it’s enough rain to help with the drought… and then there are days like today between storms to get out for a look around.
    I chanced across a podcast that lets me listen to a radio broadcast from your Vancouver and surrounding parts of BC. Last night I got to listen to the sensible restrictions being enacted for this latest variant. Ours are far more controversial, but we proceed with sensible precautions, enjoying a peaceful and quiet holiday season. Luckily there’s the creek to keep us entertained and the larder has been stocked (for the most part). With good books to read… what more could we ask for?
    PS… I ‘think’ I can make out the cats, but it took a bit of squinting! 😏

    • Yes, it would be good to see some rain down your way.
      Our province has done quite well absorbing the necessary covid precautions. Our town is doing particularly well and I have heard of very few problems. Being a ferry only accessible area helps somewhat and we personally hunker down in the woods hugging our trees. A beautiful place to be.

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