When Life Gives You Lemons . . .

Not quite that expression, more like – When life gives you rain storms, collect rain water.

It is hard to believe that just three months ago we were just coming through one of our hottest and driest Summers. Though our well held up we did ration our water and the garden suffered for it. One thing that helped is this water collection system at the back of my shop. Each barrel is 50 gallons so the 300 gallons can be stretched quite a way. I have a 12 volt solar powered pump so I can sprinkle the surrounding garden. Throughout the property we have collection for another 1500 gallons. Still not enough but it’s a start.


  1. We put up a 200 gallon tank of water up on the hillside behind the house with gravity feed. The way things are going, we may need to add more. I like your setup. How do you fill yours?

    • We fill the barrels with rainwater off the various building roofs. I’m sure in the past two weeks we could have filled all our storage tanks with the amount of rain we had. All the collected water is for the garden though we have means to filter it if we needed it for drinking.

  2. Very impressive, Kenneth. Here, too, it was horribly, unusually dry over the summer but very wet in spring and now – well, let’s not talk about it. It seems we’ve had nothing but rain and clouds for well over a month. A 15-minute sunbreak is cause for celebration. From one extreme to another…

    • The weather seems to be becoming the main theme of conversation everywhere, unfortunately I’m not sure it is an improvement over the pandemic. Let’s hope the New Year brings some brighter topics!

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