• Thanks very much Gunta. I think I have had more disappointments photographing in the woods – dealing with extremes in lighting resulting in blown out whites and blacks and often problems with green overcast. Though a little more work, often requiring a tripod, I have found HDR to solve most of those problems.

  1. Beautiful! I wish we had more trees, but I have been planting saplings so, we will eventually have more. Our property has been home to cattle for 100 years and now, no cattle are on the property so, the native grasses are coming back, wildflowers are blooming, and I’m planting baby trees everywhere 😂 your forrest is simply breathtaking.

    • Thanks very much. Yes, we do have a lot of trees. The highlight of our forest is an old growth Douglas Fir that is 25 feet in circumference. The top is broken off but it still stands at approximately 150 feet high. Good luck with your forest but I must say that those big skies on the plains can be spectacular.

      • Oh how lovely. I do not plan to block the skyline for sunsets or sunrises, nor do I plan on blocking the view of the night sky. I enjoy the millions of visible stars far too much. I just want some shade from the sun. 😂
        I am currently restricted to planting saplings at the back of the property, which is fine by me because it’s my favorite spot for drinking a cup of tea or coffee while reading a book.

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