Building Project

Over the past ten days I have been building a small (8 x 12 foot) storage shed from the first lumber cut on our mill. It has been a great project and very satisfying knowing most of the material was free and salvaged from our forest. I did use plywood for the sub-roof and floor and I will install a metal roof. Once all the exterior walls are boarded I will put 2 inch battens over the board joints.






  1. Looks great! I love the one sided roof style. I have to admit I am looking very closely at picture number 2 as we are hoping to build something similar.

    • Thanks Deb! A lean-to roof is quick and easy to build and my metal roofing can go on as a straight run without the fuss of capping the peak. Don’t look too closely at number 2 – since it is just a shed I have taken a few framing liberties 😉

      • Do you have a good reference website of book for building a one sided roof structure? We are working on a land deal and want to put up something similar to what you built to camp in while we do the main structure, and then afterwards it will possibly become a studio.

      • Actually I didn’t even have a plan for this building. All I knew is that I wanted it to be 8 x 12 because anything under 100 sq. ft. here doesn’t need to be inspected and also 3 sheets of plywood covers the floor nicely. The other consideration was a roof slope of 10 degrees (12/2 pitch) – what I consider to be the very minimum for metal roofing. It is an easy build with basic framing that you should be able to find easily on the Internet. Once all the materials are together it would be a great family project (the framing and sheathing) that you could whip together in a week. If you are going to eventually turn it into a studio frame accordingly keeping in mind insulation and perhaps drywall.

        If you want another building example here is a Tiny House ( that our daughter built with help from family. You’ll have to scroll back to the first blog to see it chronologically. It was interesting because we had to design it to fit ferry and highway height restrictions.

      • Thanks Kenneth.

        Ages ago I read through the whole blog with the tiny house and was fascinated. Of course I love anything that involves building.

        We have toyed with building the wall sections at home and having one of Mark’s guys transport them by trailer. Kind of a home made pre-fab idea to be able to get the structure up quickly as if we can make a deal we will be racing against winter. Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) this will potentially go in an area that only requires electrical and septic to be permitted and inspected, but from our cabin experience I think we are now of the belief to over build rather than under build.

        I think I will look through the tiny house blog again. You can learn so much from others real life experiences.

      • I couldn’t remember if I had mentioned the tiny house before. It is now in it’s last stages and looking very good.
        Oh yes, Alberta winters – you might/will want to consider framing with 2×6’s, overbuilding is good!

      • I think I actually stumbled across the tiny house blog.

        We are looking at land near Golden. We want a stopping point and have always loved that area, plus the Columbia is excellent for family paddling. Investing in Alberta at the moment is also a bad idea.

        We are hoping we can make the project work. We are actually meeting with the septic contractor this weekend to make sure a field is possible on the land we are looking at.

        We will definitely insulate well as long term we want the winter option.

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