Latest Project

Over winter we always have a few trees fall due to windstorms. I usually cut them up for firewood but I always feel badly if the tree is better suited for lumber. I finally bit the bullet and purchased a small portable bandsaw. My son-in-law and I spent the past couple of days assembling it and I cut my first log today.

Mill 01_watermarked

Mill in a Box

Mill 02_watermarked

Mill 03_watermarked

Mill 04_watermarked

Mill 05_watermarked

Mill 06_watermarked

A seven foot piece of cedar that fell across our power lines this fall

Mill 07_watermarked

Mill 08_watermarked

Mill 09_watermarked

It takes 20 -30 seconds to cut each slice

Mill 10_watermarked

The finished product – four, seven foot 4″X4″ posts and some 1″x8″ cedar boards. The waste material will be turned into firewood or fencing. The mill will now be moved to a more permanent site away from the house.



  1. Great post! And the backhoe, is that yours too? I love that you’ll be able to put your respect for cedar to more use at home. And isn’t it nice to have family nearby to help!

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