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One of four Steller’s Jays taking advantage of our bird feeder. It is a bit surprising they are still around this late in the season but the weather has been milder than usual. We also have a hummingbird coming regularly to it’s feeder which is very unusual for us.



  1. Nice image, I like how you’ve captured his eye and crest.

    We had one Anna’s hummingbird for a couple of winters – this year we have multiple ones, perhaps four or so – they move so fast they’re hard to count. We heard them all day long though, with their distinctive song that reminds me of someone rubbing papers together. As for the jays…well, they have been overstaying their welcome this year. I love them, but when they empty our bird feeder in a single afternoon and keep all the smaller birds from getting their share, then it’s time to move on. We finally took the feeder down, about 2 weeks ago – but the jays are still here. Waiting for them to leave so we can put it back up. I guess it’s the mild weather that’s to blame.

    • Thanks Laurie. This fellow follows us when we go for walks in the woods – sometimes up to an hour or more. I do give it an occasional peanut which it buries rather than eats. I should try giving it some seed that will actually sprout – it could be a valuable re-forester. Yes, they do shovel out the feeders. The towhees and juncos seem to prefer to ground feed so I try to limit the amount of daily seed in the feeder so it gets eaten by evening. I have heard of other people in the area having hummingbirds year round but our usually disappear by summer’s end. Hmm, haven’t heard the hummingbird today though. Perhaps yesterday’s storm blew them away.

  2. We ‘re always amused that the Stellar’s jays can’t grasp – maybe mentally and physically – how to hang onto the suet. We have so many species that do it with ease, from the Pileated down to Bushtits and everything in between, but dear “Stella” tries and tries, and fails.We don’t do peanuts so they aren’t pestering the feeders. But I love the image of you waling through your woods with the occasional peanut for the jay.

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