Lone Bear

We have had quite a bit of bear activity already this Spring. On the most part they are behaving themselves – just passing through the yard. This young bear was born a little more than a year ago and has a twin. They came by a couple of weeks ago with their mother but now this one is on it’s own – either separated or encouraged to leave as it is breeding season for momma.

Better Every Year

It’s great to see this guy develop. We’ve watched him grow from a fawn and he is the tamest and gentlest of all the deer that comes by. Unfortunately all the deer are being plagued with deer fly right now.

Fawn Time

We have a doe bringing around her twins almost daily now. The fawns will sleep in the ferns or on our lawn for a hour or two while their mother browses through our garden. At times she seems to either forget or lose them but they always manage to find each other.