New Year, New Hope

When I started my photography journey many, many years ago my hero was W. Eugene Smith, a brilliant documentary photographer who photographed entirely in black and white. Smith was on assignment overseas for Life magazine during World War II and he was brutally frank in what he photographed. His war photography had a deep effect on him and his career almost came to an end when he was wounded by shell fragments. It took him two years to recover both physically and mentally – very dark times. In 1946 he picked up his camera and one of his first photographs was of his two young children walking towards the light through a dark tunnel of trees. He called it “The Walk to Paradise Garden”. The result was enough to rekindle his photographic career.

I think for a lot of us these past two years have been a dark time but I also think there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I wish all my followers a Safe, Hopeful and Healthy 2022.

Homage to W. Eugene Smith – 1970


  1. That image you mention (“The Walk to Paradise Garden”) I remember so well. Had a copy or poster of it for quite a few years. Thanks for reminding me who the photographer was. I wasn’t aware that he also covered WW II. Those photos in Life magazine have been rather meaningful to me since I was there (as in infant) in the midst of it as the Soviets pushed into Germany. Not the best of times, but seemingly forgotten except for the folks still alive who lived it.

    • Thanks for commenting Gunta. Yes, that was a well known photograph and its popularity went a long way in W. Eugene Smith’s recovery. Life magazine was an important part of documenting American history. It had an amazing collection of photographers – W. Eugene Smith , Dorthea Lange, Edward Weston, etc. go through its doors, recording the events of the world. Hopefully those events in Germany will never be forgotten. What is the saying – If we forget the past we are destined to repeat

      • Cant help but wonder if W. Eugene Smith’s photo might have inspired the shot I posted of Eric walking the dog in my current post.
        We’ve been socked in here with high winds and rain (off and on) for quite a few days now. I’m loving it. Eric seems to get a bit of cabin fever. Luckily we seem to balance each other out since I’m not fond of bright sunny days. 😋

      • It does look very Smith-esque. Ah those warm days of Summer. The snow has kept us close to home and just when I thought it was over…! I still like to get outside though everything seems to take longer to do. Don’t like the wind in the forest though.

      • If I take your meaning, we have some rather tall trees surrounding us. Most of our acre is quite a steep slope… so listening to the wind (and rain) at night can be a bit unsettling now and then. Can’t think of anyplace I’d rather be though… 🤔

      • I like a gentle wind through the trees, it’s the storms I don’t like and strangely, 90% of them seem to come at night. Always interesting hearing a large tree cracking and not knowing what direction it is going 😳

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