With our cold, and rainy weather right now the workshop is the perfect place to be. The work in progress are a pair of sawhorses constructed with joinery – mortised, tenoned and wedged with no glue, nails or screws. I have spent my life telling myself I didn’t have the precision to do such work but when I recently reached the ripe age of 65 I figured what the heck. Lo and behold they are turning out okay. Just goes to show we are usually our own worst enemies.



    • The idea of a workshop is that you work so hard you generate your own heat 😉 Actually my workshop is well insulated and I have an electric heater on a very low setting – just to keep the chill off in the Winter. I like to keep a constant heat on to stave off moisture – it protects the tools and keeps my glues flowing. Good luck with new workshop.

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