A Bad Bear Day

A disappointing day for the bears yesterday – I picked all their hazelnuts (filberts)!


I was a few days early but I felt I couldn’t leave the nuts on the tree any longer.  Our province, British Columbia, is trying to encourage us to be more conscientious when interacting with bears and has Bear Smart programs running in several communities in the province. Part of the program is encouraging people to pick their crops when the fruit is ripe. So… I started picking but the competition was tough.



Even when all the nuts were picked I had to be on guard


We ended up with about 16 pounds of nuts though they still have to be peeled out of their outer husks.


In a bear-free ideal world the nuts would be left on until they were quite brown and loose in their husks.   The tree could then be harvested with a good shaking. However in our situation hand picking was the best recourse. It has to be done carefully, the nuts can grow singly or up to five in a cluster. They grow off a single 1/2″ stem, much like an apple and care has to be taken to break the cluster off at the stem. Like apples, if the branch is broken instead, next year’s fruiting buds are being destroyed.


I hate disappointing the bears. They are just doing what they do. I keep my trees pruned low and shaped on the horizontal. The bears find it a perfect hammock and will stretch out and lie on the top branches.  They don’t bother picking the nuts off – they just eat them on the stem. Unfortunately as they pull branches closer to them as they forage they do a lot of damage.   The hazelnut battle is won this year,  next – the apple and walnut trees!


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