Bear Time

We always know when our nuts are getting ready – when the bears appear. We had a mother bear and two cubs this morning checking out the hazelnut and walnut trees

The mother bear looking for walnuts

The mother bear looking for walnuts

Bear Time 02_watermarked

Bear Time 03_watermarked

Meanwhile, one of the cubs enjoying the hazelnuts

Bear Time 04_watermarked

It’s sibling was up in the tree having a great time

Bear Time 05_watermarked

Bear Time 06_watermarked

As the nuts aren’t ripe yet I had to ask them to leave. We try to pick our produce as it ripens to discourage the bears so it is a bit disheartening when they show up before the nuts are ready. Fortunately there are lots of berries right now and theses guys are looking very healthy. They show up about once a week to see how things are progressing so hopefully they won’t be back for a while. Always wonderful to see though.



  1. We will be moving into the fringe of bear territory. Eric has already spotted a bobcat hanging out over the well house and its calling card (scat) in one spot. I’d really like you know how you politely ask them to leave? I imagine picking the nuts and berries is part of the plan. πŸ™‚

    • We have the occasional bobcat visit our chickens. They move so fast that the electric fence doesn’t deter them but they can’t get past the wired-in chicken run. Gets the ‘girls’ excited though. These bears are still very people shy. I quietly go out with my camera and try to get my shots but if they even hear the sound of the shutter they are off and running. Once they have posed I will usually give chase and do a bit of shouting to give them an impression that they aren’t welcome. Yes, picking the fruit and nuts is really the only real deterrent. The compost is behind electric fence and the garbage cans are locked up.

      • Thanks for the advice. I suspect I’ll need to be putting it to use once we’ve moved. For now it’s been mostly work on the house and not much to tempt them outside. Perhaps blackberries, but those are everywhere.

  2. I enjoy this whole scenario, including the conversation with Gunta. Love the idea that the bears stop by to monitor things on their own internal schedule. Glad that, for now at least, there is a good balance between sightings and safety.

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