Good Looking Couple

We went for a walk in the woods today and disturbed these two who were spending time together. By the time we got home the buck was sleeping under our hazelnut tree and the doe was walking around the outside of our fenced vegetable garden scoping out the new greens.  I’m not sure if they really are a couple as she looks pretty small. She is showing great interest in the buck though while he seems rather indifferent.



    • Hi Ullis – these a Black-tailed Deer that are common to our area (West Coast of Canada). Right now they are looking their best after shedding their Winter coat. As the Summer progresses the deer flies and mosquitoes will leave them looking a little ragged.

  1. Nice! We have a 2-year-old doe in our little resident family, who looks to be about the same size as yours. Despite being so small, ours has just had her first fawn! We’re delighted as any new “grandparents” could be – this is the first fawn born to our little family (which has been shrinking) in two years. I’m hoping he/she survives and thrives – and in the meantime, we’re naming him/her “Hope”.

    • Thanks Laurie. Let’s hope your addition survives. It is certainly encouraging to some new blood. Our deer disappeared earlier in the season but are slowly returning. I think the younger male deer are intimidated by this buck. We really have the bears this years though. Three regular adults and one very new cub.

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