In the past 40 years we have found wild holly trees on our acreage that have presumably been planted by birds. We have never found a holly tree bearing berries though until last week when we found this tree just up the road from us. Good to find the source of our trees and to solve a mystery.


Himalayan Honeysuckle (Leycesteria formosana)

We’ve had this plant for about three years but it didn’t do well until I transplanted it last year. It is a vigorous plant and I’m hoping it won’t take over though it does have lots of room to spread. The other name for this plant is Chocolate Berry, so called for the small brown berries it produces. When still unripe the berries can be as hot as chilli peppers but as they ripen they taste like a combination of chocolate or burnt caramel.  We haven’t used them for cooking yet as they are just starting to ripen but we’re on the look out for some recipes.


IMG_0005 2_watermarked


Wild Berries

Summer progresses and the wild berries begin to ripen. Salal and Oregon Grape on their own aren’t very tasty but mixed together in a jelly make a tasty condiment.

Salal Berries

Salal Berries

Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape


Tayberry Foliage

Tayberries are a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry. Ours do quite well, producing a large fruit but have a problem of becoming very soft and hard to pick when ripe.  This problem has prevented them from becoming a viable commercial crop. Great for the home garden though, not much care, disease resistant and a tasty aromatic berry.