Bear Hiding in the Daisies

This black bear came wandering into the garden this morning and slowly headed over to the magnificent sword fern behind him

He started digging at the base of the fern and I thought he might be hunting for mice or moles. Every so often he’d stand up and look around

He soon lumbered off and I went out to scare him away (don’t like him to feel welcome around here). Going past the fern I noticed some very agitated wasps where the bear had been digging. Realizing there wasn’t going to be a honey haul he headed back into the forest.


    • I think he was looking to see if I was serious about asking him to leave. He is a young bear left over from last year and he comes through quite often to see if our nuts are ready. Much too early but I guess he remembers eating them last year. He’s pretty calm and not too concerned about people so I like to scare him off to make him feel a little uncomfortable.

    • There are lots of wild plant right now so the bears are just browsing and not threatening. In the Fall it will be a bit different story as we will have to see who is going to get to the apples and nuts first.

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