1. Good to see the thaw happening. Seems we had one night that got down to 32º F (I know your ‘freezing’ is 0º C, but won’t convert the 40º to 50º F range we’ve had here for the most part). We had some rather strange days when the temperature stayed around 50º for at least 24 hours… didn’t rise during the day, or drop at night.

    • Yes, quite warm today – 50º F (10º C). I’m of the era where I flip flop between Celsius and Fahrenheit. When it comes to woodwork I use standard/imperial measurements though I’m about to make a chair using all metric to challenge myself a bit.

      • I could never wrap my head around the folks who seemed to think they’d have to do conversions from one to the other… CONSTANTLY. I never could penetrate that assumption explaining there would be no more converting and no more memorizing how many feet in an quart! 🤔

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