1. Such a very, very, very fine house… With two cats in the yard…
    Sorry now I’ll have Crosby Stills and Nash buzzing in my brain for the rest of the day.
    Your house actually looks so lovely and inviting (despite the snow!) 😉
    Sending more warm and healthful wishes.

    • Thanks Gunta. Well, we do think it is a fine house even though a little unconventional. And….we have one cat in yard. Her catio has the coloured lights on the left side of the house. She’s staying in with all this snow around.

      • We like (nay, love) unconventional. Brings another song to mind (by Pete Seeger):
        “Little boxes on the hillside,
        Little boxes made of ticky tacky
        Little boxes on the hillside,
        Little boxes all the same,”

        What a lucky cat with the catio… I remember your post featuring it when it was built. Wish our neighbor had one since his cat seems to enjoy stalking quail. 🥴 Or perhaps a coyote or two might be just the ticket. Then again, seems out bird feeder has brought in a bunch of birds, but then the raptors and other critters figured it out. Sometimes I feel guilty for butting in on the natural order of things.

      • Our house seems to bring out the music in you. Never wanted to be in a ‘little box’. BTW, Little Boxes was actually written by Malvina Reynolds and later recorded by Pete Seeger.

        Our cat catches a surprising variety of things despite being in the catio. Most of her catches – birds, bats, moles, mice and even a slug – end up alive and in the house. A bit of a dilemma feeding birds but they definitely appreciate it in weather like this.

  2. Beautiful, Ken, and now I know what a catio is, after reading Gunta’s comment and your reply. 😉 I think we have almost the same amount down here on Fidalgo Island – what a surprise! Very pretty, but awfully cold!

    • Thanks Lynn. After losing a few cats to coyotes I decided our next cat would be an indoor variety. The catio works well with its cedar scratching post, loft sleeping area and of course, Christmas lights. Mocha the cat does go on supervised walks with us – she leads.

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