1. Looks like Hernibs has a steadier hand there! Her creation is beautiful. I poked around on the iPad several days back for the word “Hernibs” (knew the meaning, but was curious as to origin). Can’t post or comment on the iPad (long annoying explanation), but managed to stumble my way into your wife’s blog. If it wasn’t already so late, I’d go back and sign on as a follower…
    We had a smattering of snow this morning which melted rapidly. It’s a rare occasion to see snow so close to our coast. But we’re finally getting down toward freezing these last few days.

    • We had a friend who used the expressions ‘hernibs, hisnibs’ and my wife took it on because she writes and she liked the connotation to pen nibs and, of course, she is “a person of honour”.
      Still snowing a bit here. It is somewhat unusual for us. We normally have a day or two of snow and I have to rush out with my camera before it turns to mush. It looks like I’ll have more time as the cold is lingering. -8 Celsius (17 Fahrenheit) this morning and I could see my breath when making breakfast.

  2. Perfect spot for that creation!

    From: Hard-To-Come-By Lifestyle Reply-To: Hard-To-Come-By Lifestyle Date: Thursday, December 23, 2021 at 11:02 PM To: Subject: [New post] A Shaky Christmas

    kenneth mcmillan posted: ” I was taking a picture of Hernibs new crochet creation the other night and wasn’t quite steady enough but it did expand our Christmas lights. Merry Christmas to all! “

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