1. We don’t have a cedar anywhere close by. We’re next to a stump farm so there’s a lot of mono-culture on that side of us. Fortunately just beyond the timberland it’s into National Forest ultimately ending up in designated Wilderness. This winter we’ve had a male Anna’s ferociously defending the feeder from several places he perches. He tolerates a female at the feeder, but we haven’t found where she goes off to. They are such fun to observe and rather feisty when annoyed with me. Almost makes me think of wearing a hard hat. 😏 It gets interesting a few months from now when the Rufous and/or Allen’s swarms arrive. They chase off the Anna’s and then move on north eventually. I suspect that might be what you get.

  2. Ooo, what a pleasure it is to see this now, with so much snow on the ground and temps barely getting to 20F. I keep bringing the hummingbird feeder back in to defrost…then taking it out again. Your photo is wonderful, with the out-of-focus background and the upward angle, the colors, and most of all, those two hopeful little heads.

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