1. That eight inches can be quite a bother if it persists. Glad to hear the sun returned and hoping all is well up in your neck of the woods. I shall trundle on ahead to see if you’ve offered a report on the storms.

    • Yes, a lot of rain but we faired the storm and nothing looks out of place after the dry out. The province is in a state of emergency and we are limited to buying 8 gallons of car gas for the next 10 days. Some areas are seeing signs of grocery hoarding but it is okay where we are. It is going to take a while to restore train and vehicle routes into Vancouver (which affects us) so the supply chain is limited. Interesting times!

  2. I was wondering about you. I listen to CBC when I’m in the car and the reports have been so awful. We had trees down but not close to the house and not too many fell across the island. Off the island the flooding was scary for some folks one town over was evacuated. Still, nothing like Abbotsford & Sumas. I heard a discussion yesterday about how complicated it is to change the supply chain route, with trucks needing to be sealed and so many other details that I never thought about. I trust people will figure out a way to get “stuff” back on the roads. Good thing you all are OK and well-provisioned!

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