1. We’ve seen Cedar Waxwings closer to the coast feasting on some autumn berries. Wondering if we’ll have any closer to the house since there’s been a volunteer (native?) bush with bright red berries that’s popped up on the bank in front of the house ever since Eric has been beating back the invasive blackberry vines. The waxwings are so very elegant looking.

  2. How nice! They’re some of my favorite birds. I hope you see them again before too long. (We rarely see them here, either. It’s always a thrill – they come and they’re gone, on their own schedule – and the berries’ schedule, I guess).

    • I think these guys just stopped off for a bath before continuing on. It will be interesting to see if they return. I’ve noticed a real pattern change in our Stellar’s Jays. Usually they are here all Summer but I only heard a couple in the distance. (Good in some ways because we got a nut crop for once). Now we have four regulars that showed up a month ago. They would usually be gone by now but are happily chomping down on bird seed.

      • For your sake, I hope the Stellar’s jay pattern continues so you can harvest nuts for yourselves and choose what to feed them. 😉 It’s strange but we have very, very few of them here on the island. They’re more common inland and it must be because the food here isn’t what they want. We don’t have the native oaks here, and if we have the native hazelnuts they’re few and far between. So I guess they do better “over there.” As noisy as they are, I miss seeing and hearing them.

      • It was great to get walnuts and hazelnuts this year. Mind you, I found a grove of hazelnut and walnut tree seedlings this Summer planted by the jays and squirrels last year. We usually only see them 3 or 4 months a year. They are definitely attracted to seeds and nuts so maybe our place is the draw.

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