Tree Lungwort (Lobaria pulmonaria) – 2 photos

This is an interesting looking and feeling lichen that we find on only one or two trees in our forest. One popular location is on a very large broadleaf maple. We find lots of the lichen on the ground after a strong wind. Like most lichens, Tree Lungwort is sensitive to air pollution and so whenever you find lichen it is an indication of good air quality.  


As is common with herbal lore, plants resembling body parts were often used as a herbal remedy for that particular area. Because of its resemblance to the interior of a lung, Tree Lungwort got its common name. Medically it has been used for lung disease, asthma, incontinence, eczema and various other maladies. Also used in tanning, dying and brewing.



      • Rubbery, yes. Lichens’ makeup gets more and more complex as biologists delve into them. There can be cyanobacteria in them, too (not sure about lungwort but it goes for some lichens). And their reproductive cycles are unusual, too. It gets to be too much for this old brain to deal with.

  1. Good to know about the indication of good air quality (a precious commodity these days it seems!) It’s reassuring that we catch glimpses of it in our area as well!

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