Storm Damage

Well, we survived our very loud and powerful windstorm a couple of nights ago. We could hear trees falling in the distance and lots of branches landing on our roof. We walked the property today and found one very large cedar had toppled.

I had been watching this tree as it had been damaged many years ago and it had multiple trunks coming
off the main trunk. It was quite unbalanced and a split was developing up the trunk so it was
destined to fall sooner rather than later.

As with many red cedar, this tree suffered carpenter ant or termite damage in its heartwood. This weakens the tree.

Unfortunately there won’t be much wood for me to salvage for milling but lots of kindling!


  1. At least it didn’t fall on or near the house. It’s always sad to see, as much as I know this is the way of the forest. We have high wind warnings all day and a small town on the Skagit River is under an evacuation order. The little creek by our house that’s dry much of the year is racing. Always interesting!

    • Yes, it was big enough that it would have made a mess of the house. From my weather map it looks like you are being hit by the same system that we are. We have had a tremendous amount of rain the past two days and we have water running in the yard where I have never seen it run. The chicken is doing the backstroke in the chicken yard. Another first in the weather department this year.

  2. (Trying to catch up….) good to hear you made it through the last storm in reasonably good shape while I’m listening to a decent sized deluge going on outside my window as I type. We watch the creek rising in front of the house. Luckily it’s a goodly distance and quite steep before it could think about flooding the house. Then again there’s the steep bank behind the house with enough huge trees to add a bit of anxiety during these wind events.

    Have you seen this website for views of what worldwide weather and fires and air quality etc are doing? Quite interesting to watch the storms blowing in across the Pacific.
    May you stay safe and warm and healthy… πŸ€— (and the backstroking chicken, too!) πŸ“

    • Looks like the rain has slowed down and the chicken is now able to tread water. Lots of flood damage in our area. It makes me thankful we live on top of a hill. All these storms are pretty interesting. Four major events in four weeks indicates something unnatural is happening. Thanks for the link. I have been watching which is very similar.

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