Table Project

I thought I would practice my mortise and tenon skills by building a small cedar table. I milled the wood from our property and it is a pleasure to see it go from a storm damaged tree to a quite nice piece of furniture. Mortise, tenons and pegs hold it together. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it when I finished but it became our kitchen table. Mocha the cat is indifferent.


  1. Leave it to cats to put us into our places, but there’s no question in my mind that this is a beautiful piece of workmanship. I love that you transform downed or damaged wood from your property into beautiful, useful objects.

  2. For those of with far less skill, this is one impressive piece of gorgeous workmanship. It’s so good to see you back and showing us what you’re up to. I can only imagine the sense of pride you must have sitting down to such a lovely kitchen table.

    • It is very satisfying seeing the transformation right from the beginning. The table right now is a jigsaw puzzle table – much to the cat’s delight – she thinks the puzzle is a great addition.

      • Had to laugh at the cat and the puzzle! I bet you’ll end up with that one missing piece that can’t be found (if you even manage to get that far!) 😉

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