1. So good to see you posting again. We call them vine maples (natives) down here. Ours seemed a bit slow to show their colo(u)r, but have been popping out with every shade of red and orange imaginable. We’ve had some serious storms rolling through, but the colorful leaves still seem to be hanging on… for now!
    Hope you’re staying happy and healthy. Without that nasty smoke we were hearing about up your way awhile back!

    • Hi Gunta – it has been a while. I have heard the term vine maple. They are very attractive trees, especially at this time of year. I think we are sharing part of the same storm. The center is just northwest of us now and hopefully things will soon calm down. Quite amazing wind and rain last night but all our trees are standing! We fortunately escaped most of the smoke this Summer though the forest fire situation was terrible (for the entire West Coast). However, despite all that is going on around us we are healthy and happy.

      • Whoa… this storm is covering a huge swath indeed. I’m hearing of road closures from slides (aftereffects of fires) clear down in Big Sur. So far, this storm hasn’t caused a great deal of havoc here, but a brief thunderstorm did shake the house in an impressive manner! I am simply grateful for the rain… ⛈

  2. Hi Ken. It has been a long time since we last saw you. Good to see some of your pictures. Hope you both are well.
    Bruce Amy

  3. Oh, that’s a beauty! We had the same storm but the wind didn’t gust as badly as it did in many places. Lots of leaves are still on the trees here and very few trees came down. We lucked out. And like you, we escaped the smoke this summer – but what a terrible year for so many.
    I’m glad you managed to take this photo – this is a graceful tree!
    (I think Gunta is thinking of Acer circinatum, the native, but yours looks like a Japanese maple and you did say ornamental. They’re both beautiful trees. 🙂

  4. Yes, a pretty tree that glows on these dark Fall days. I believe you are right about it being a Japanese maple. I think it will stay smaller than a vine maple.

    We walked the property yesterday and only found three smallish trees down. A bit of a surprise as the wind was the strongest sustained wind we have had since living here. The trees were already dead so now I have some additional firewood for Winter.

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