Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

We lost our two retired chickens, Kate and Anna, to a bobcat this week. We thought the fence securing them was safe but we hadn’t thought of a bobcat and he had no problem breeching the fence. He was back today looking for more snacks to no avail.

Despite the situation it was quite a thrill to see such a beautiful animal.


  1. I can only imagine the thrill. Eric spotted one on the hillside behind our house. He was pretty thrilled, too. We didn’t have any chickens so it seems our bobcat hasn’t some back.

  2. Great shot Ken! Amazing camouflage I’m sorry you two of your chickens to him. We’ve had a few bobcats come by our way once in a while, and they always a treat to see. Did you follow him with your camera to get this?

    • Thanks Mark. Yes, not much of a retirement party for the chickens. It was a very easy follow as the bobcat wasn’t too concerned about me. I trailed along about 20 feet behind as it sauntered through the yard. Unfortunately the light wasn’t great to get a clearer shot but perhaps next time. I have seen it three time in the last 5 days.

  3. great shot Ken. Amazing creature and just sauntering through your yard! You certainly live with the wild and so close to “civilization.”

  4. I admire your balanced viewpoint. I’d be beyond thrilled to see one of these. I suppose they’re around some of the places where I walk, but what luck it is to actually see one. And have the camera ready – yes!!

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