Apples and Bears

We were hoping to leave our apples on the trees for a couple more weeks but this young guy came by to check out the crop.

He is a young bear that we hadn’t seen since early Spring. This is his first Summer without his mother but he is looking very healthy.

Unfortunately he has very little fear of humans and I think that will be a problem in coming years. After unsuccessfully trying to climb one apple tree that I had temporarily ringed with sheet metal, he tried to push over the fence into the garden to get the apples from our dwarf trees. It was then that I had to intervene. I went out to scare him away but that didn’t phase him much, he made a half-hearted climb up a fir tree and then headed for another old apple tree and sat down for a scratch.

After checking out the apples above, up he went.

It looked like he had settled in so I had to get out the garden hose and give him a spray. He quite like it at first but then became annoyed and ran off into the woods. Needless to say, we picked our apples – 60 pounds that didn’t end up in a bear’s stomach.





  1. I’m afraid that they can get troublesome when they lose their fear of humans. Around here the deer became very destructive when folks thought it was okay to feed ‘Bambi’.

    • We just watched (Netflix) a Jane Goodall doc with footage of her earliest work. She was thrilled when the chimpanzees first came into her camp to steal food. The team start leaving bananas out for the chimps and within a very short time Jane and crew had to lock themselves in a large cage for protection from the aggressive chimps. Wild animals enjoy a free and easy food source but don’t understand when that supply ends.

    • Thanks Mark – he was a very willing photo subject. He didn’t show any signs of aggression but will most likely become a nuisance bear. Unfortunately they aren’t live trapping bears in our area as much so if he does start getting complaints it might not be a happy ending. We try to remove the food sources and thereby remove the problem. Nothing better than watching a bear wandering through your yard!

    • Thank you. Well, he was back again last night looking at our two chickens in the fenced orchard. I heard him just in time and scared him up a holly tree. When he came down I had to follow him as he climbed three more trees before leaving the property. Fortunately he seemed quite intimidated by me – lots of moaning , groaning and lip flapping coming from him. Hopefully he’ll come to realize he isn’t welcome. Nothing much left in the yard now as the squirrels got the last of the walnuts. Just a few kiwis on the vine but the bears haven’t shown an interest in them yet.

      • I’m late seeing your reply, but thank you anyway. It’s more tame here of course, and since we’re renting, we don’t mind it when the deer pick an apple or two off the trees that really belong to the owners. 🙂

  2. Wow – that’s quite the adventures you’re having there, Kenneth! Glad we don’t have bear and cougar problems in town where I now live! My pear and apple trees would be very tempting!

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