• I had just cut down the flower before it went to seed. A friend gave me the plant over 35 years ago. It slowly travelled around the yard via the seedlings and was always an impressive sight to see. Due to it’s bad reputation I finally decided it was time for it to go. It is now back in it’s original location so fitting that it would end it’s days there. I never had any problems with the plant but better safe than sorry.

  1. I love the flowers on hogweed, but I don’t love the invasive nature of the plant. I have to burn them once I dig them up here because they will regrow themselves if I just toss the plant into the compost pile. Based on the amount of flowers, this was a rather large specimen. As always, a beautiful photograph. 😊

    • The plant was close to 7 feet high. They certainly do produce the seeds but very few germinated in our area. They are definitely on the invasive plant list in Canada so people are encouraged to dispose of them – I was just a little slow ;-). An impressive plant though.

      • Wow! I have never seen one that big. They are on the invasive species list here as well and if you don’t dispose of them, the city, county, and state can slap you with a hefty fine. I dig them up the second I see them.

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