We came across this little scenario yesterday at our fish pond. This small bird was feeding her ‘baby’. There is obviously a size discrepancy. I haven’t identified the young bird but I know cowbirds and starlings will sometimes lay their eggs in other birds nests and let the new parents raise their chicks. I thought the mother may have been a Swainson’s Thrush but the ‘eyebrow’ didn’t look right. I’m now leaning toward some variety of Vireo.



  1. It’s all part of nature, I suppose, but it just doesn’t seem fair somehow for this tiny bird to be saddled with a youngster that size (and it looks so demanding besides!)

  2. Oh boy, well, like Gunta said, it’s all part of nature, but it sure is frustrating. The youngster does look like a starling, but the parent, that’s a tough one, especially with my field guides packed away. Great set of photos!

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