• The big tip off that they are around is their song though song may not be the right word. The males will vocalize a loud series of notes that are limited in scale, perhaps 6 notes, but lasting up to 20 seconds or more. It sounds more like a speech than a song. He will repeat it over and over with little or no variation. Very pleasant listening. They should be in your area so hope you get to see one.

      • It’s funny Gunta. A hot evening here with all the windows open. I listened to your appended video and as it ended a Tanager outside was just finishing his song. As I mentioned, what makes the Tanager distinctive is the length of it’s song – up to 20 seconds or more.

      • That’s really sweet! I wonder if your Tanager heard the video? 🙂 Rather warm here today, but we get the evening fog that drifts in off the ocean to cool things off most nights.

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