Deer Proofing

Enjoying and wanting to coexist with deer and other wildlife while having a garden has meant some compromise. Rather than fence our entire 11 acres we have chosen to erect protective fences around our favourite plants.

The Herb Garden

Mock Orange Shrub

The New Rose Garden

The Veggie Garden

The ‘cages’ are easily made with waste pieces of wood from milling our trees and 6 foot high deer fencing. While looking a bit odd it does the trick – we enjoy our flowers, veggies and shrubs and the deer can eat what wild deer should be eating.





  1. The only thing the deer even bother with here is the pear tree. Every morning at dawn, I have a buck who comes to visit. When fruit is on the tree, he eats his fill and goes back to the ravine at the back of our property. When there is no fruit on the tree, he marks his territory by either headbutting the tree or scraping his antlers against it. It’s quite neat to watch his ritual every morning. I have to deter rabbits, foxes, gophers, voles, and birds from my flowerbeds and veggie garden, but not the deer.

    • Well with not too much work the fences seem to be working this year. The veggie garden is doing well so far. We try to expand it a bit each season and have quite a large new potato patch.

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