Lone Bear

We have had quite a bit of bear activity already this Spring. On the most part they are behaving themselves – just passing through the yard. This young bear was born a little more than a year ago and has a twin. They came by a couple of weeks ago with their mother but now this one is on it’s own – either separated or encouraged to leave as it is breeding season for momma.


    • We really do enjoy seeing the bears. We leave nothing out for them to eat and until our fruit is ripe they aren’t a problem. This guy was very wary and I had to take a very quick shot before it ran. They always seem to take a second or two to assess the situation. The good bears run away!

  1. I have mixed feelings about meeting up with one now that we’ve moved to an area where that seems to be a possibility. Hoping that any I do meet are of the “good” variety! 😀 (and yes, we don’t feed any wild animals except for the blackberries which we are attempting to tame a bit.)

  2. That’s a wonderful shot! Glad it was taken with a camera. 😉 Seriously, it’s admirable, how well you have synchronized all the aspects of your lives with your particular place in the world.

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